Most often, the disease affects the cervical lymph nodes, mandibular and chin. They increase in size, often develops periadenitis and adenophlegmon. The disease has a protracted course. Complications include actinomycotic osteomyelitis.


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Actinomycetes enter the salivary gland through its duct. The disease develops with salivary stone disease, wounds, and the infection also spreads through the bloodstream and through the lymphatic tract.

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In the region of the gland, a dense knot is palpated, soldered to the surrounding tissues. Over time, the infiltrate softens and suppurates. A purulent mass containing drusen is released from the fistulous passages.s mushrooms. The disease proceeds in waves for a long time.

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The disease proceeds according to the type of recurrent otitis media.

Without treatment, mycosis is complicated by mastoiditis. Thick purulent masses are often mistaken for cholesteatoma.

Short courses of antibacterial drugs give a short-term effect. Dissection of stromectol membrane does not give the desired result.

With the defeat of the central nervous system, the disease proceeds according to the type of meningitis and meningoencephalitis.

Cases of damage to the maxillary sinuses and the ethmoid labyrinth are described. stromectol can infect the lacrimal sac, the conjunctiva of the eye, the lower and upper eyelids. The disease can affect the tonsils, tongue and oral mucosa.

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Mycetoma (maduromatosis or Madura foot) has been known since ancient times. The most common disease occurs in people living in tropical countries. Pathological foci appear on the foot in the form of Stromectol dense nodes, ranging in size from a pea or more. The skin above the nodes is not changed at first, but then it acquires a red-violet or brownish color.

Over time, new nodes appear on the foot. The foot swells and increases in size. Over time, its shape changes, and the fingers turn up. During abscess formation, fistulas appear, from which a purulent mass with an unpleasant odor and a mass of ivermectin inclusions is released. The pain syndrome is expressed slightly. As the disease progresses, fistulas begin to appear on the back of the foot.

The foot takes on a peculiar appearance - it is deformed and completely riddled with fistulas. Often there is atrophy of the muscles of the legs. Without treatment, tendons and bones are involved in the pathological process. Usually one foot is affected. The disease proceeds for a long time - 10 - 20 years.

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Most often, actinomycosis affects cattle, a little less often - sheep, goats, pigs and horses. The disease is recorded throughout the year, but especially often during the stall period, when animals are fed with dry feed, as well as when grazing on stubble (the remains of cereal stalks after harvesting). During this period, the likelihood of damage to the oral cavity is high.

Microscopic research method.

This technique is focused on the search for specific granules in the material under study. These formations are accumulations of actinomycetes with a dense hyaline center, surrounded on the periphery by filamentous cells of radiant fungi with flask-shaped thickenings at the ends. When stained by Gram, the mycelium acquires a purple color, and the periphery becomes pink.

Scrapings from granulation tissues. Exudate. Flushing water of the bronchi. stromectol. Discharge from the nose and throat, as well as sputum, have no diagnostic value, as they contain actinomycetes that usually live in the cavities of the upper respiratory tract, including pathogenic species. The only reliable study is the diagnosis of material obtained from transthoracic and abdominal percutaneous puncture biopsy.

Diagnosis of actinomycosis is based on clinical and stromectol data. For the purpose of microbiological research, the following are used: Detachable from the fistulous passages. tissue biopsy. Punctates from lesions.

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